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    The Israeli noncommercial Internet Web Site aims to avail engineering community in all countries of the world of attractive and accessible information on the state of the World and Israel NanoSciences, NanoTechnologies and Quantum Computers., Israel
    Industry association founded to advance the emerging business of nanotechnology and microsystems, USA
    Newly launched bi-lingual NanoChina website offers a unique news service to nanotechnologists, business investors and IP companies who want to know what's happening in the Chinese and Asian nanotech sector, China
    The key aim of the club is to focus on bringing together nano and microtechnology companies, and providing them with an excellent opportunity to network with selected corporate members and key mentors from leading companies, UK
    Provides comprehensive information and a wealth of links for the Nano interested, USA
    Up-to-date sources of information on nanotechnology in the following areas: major research centers, funding agencies, major reports and books, USA
    Up-to-date sources of information on nanotechnology in the following areas: major research centers, funding agencies, major reports, and books, USA
    Online resource for nano technology and research, USA
    Online distributor of publications, with a focus on nano- science, technology, and education. Includes the Encyclopedia Nanotech, USA
    Bringing together committees of experts in all areas of scientific and technological endeavor, USA
    Code of Federal Regulations, USA
    American nonprofit organization dedicated solely to advocating sound public policy that recognizes the vital role of human and animal use in biomedical research, higher education and product safety testing, USA
    US national non-profit trade association comprised of orthotists and prosthetists who design, fit and fabricate orthopedic braces and artificial limbs, USA
    Certififies Orthopaedic Technologists. Links to membership information, information about the association's journal, recognized school listing, employment opportunities, and message board, USA
    From NIH, USA
    NCRR supports primary research to create and develop critical resources, models, and technologies, USA
    A NIH-funded nonprofit organization dedicated for over 25 years to serving scientists with custom-procured human tissues for use in research studies, USA
    Provides engineering leadership in service to the nation and is directed "whenever called upon by any department or agency of the government, to investigate, examine, experiment, and report upon any subject of science or art" , USA
    Official site of the National Geographic Society, USA
    From NIH, USA
    American institute dedicated to support research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases, USA
    US federal R&D program established to coordinate the multiagency efforts in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology, USA
    The National Pharmacy Association is the national body of Britain's community pharmacy owners. It was formed in 1921 to champion the interests of pharmacy owners and to promote, improve and protect an essential service to the public, UK
    NSTA's Mission: " ... to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.", USA
    Official Website of the United States National Postdoctoral Association, USA
    regular meetings on varied subjects,
    naturalSCIENCE invites articles by scientists who wish to communicate their work and ideas to a scientifically informed non-specialist audience, USA
    Buyer's Guide Online,
    Website dedicated to the neck, USA
    Gives individuals the time, space, money and support to push at the boundaries of knowledge and practice, UK
    Provides knowledge on composites , UK
    Online Atlas of Human Anatomy, USA
    Non-profit organization founded to assist in science education by supporting the development of science and technology, and by facilitating the timely exchange of information, USA
    Promoting science and technology and their essential roles in fostering social, USA
    New Zealand
    Daily updated medical news site, USA
    Initiative to exchange ideas, to enable and facilitate transactions, to help obtain information on nanotechnology, and to get instant access to critical publications in the field, Canada
    Source of health information, USA
    Resource for knowledge-based news, USA
    NHLBI database of clinical trials and epidimiological studies, USA
    Information source to the worldwide nonwovens industry , USA
    The mission of NAVBO is to promote the study of vascular biology. The purpose of the society is to provide a forum whereby members disseminate and share knowledge related to the scientific field of vascular biology, to ensure the translation of knowledge from basic science to clinical practice. NAVBO supports and organizes meetings and workshops, and maintains this interactive website linking the vascular biology community., USA
    Provides continuing education and professional growth to persons working in a Biomedical/Clinical Engineering function , USA
    Gateway to high quality scientific, technical and medical information, Canada
    Foundation dedicated to advance education or social welfare, often by means of research or practical innovation. Contains the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, UK
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