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Welcome to the Biomaterials Network (!
The "Biomaterials Resources on the Internet WebPage" was created in May 1998 and has considerably changed since then. In February 2000 it has become the Biomaterials Network, changing from the original collection of WWW links to an interactive source of information, where users can actively participate and communicate with each other. Membership to is free, and members can browse all of without charge. Since 2002, was selected for Current Web Contents, from the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). At present, also manages the contents and upgrades de website of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB), as a service provider. is aimed at linking the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering community worldwide. This site provides updated news in the field, delivered through a monthly newsletter, and also a collection of selected internet links related to Biomaterials Science and Tissue Engineering, as well as relevant links to biomedical engineering, biology, medicine and health sciences in general. facilities additionally include a glossary of related terms, a discussion forum, a job exchange section, and the Directory of members, where research expertise can be searched.
Mission statement
The major goals of consist in:
  • Providing an organized and meaningful Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering communication resource for scientists, researchers, members of the business community, government, academia, and the general public.

  • Acting as a resource center to disclose news, resources, organizations, research activity, educational initiatives, scientific events, journals, books, funding opportunities, industrial developments, market analyzes, jobs and every other initiative related to biomaterials science and associated fields.
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