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    The Bionic Bodies series on the BBC News website will be looking at how bionics can transform people's lives. , UK
    Pledges to facilitate collaborative exchange and research among its industrial, clinical and academic partners in biomedical science and engineering for healthcare applications, USA
    The Institute advances in the delicate craft of replantation surgery and the transfer by microsurgical techniques of body parts and tissue. In the Institute carries out internationally recognised scientific research in the fields of Tissue Engineering and Vascular Biology. Also carries out studies on wound healing, nerve regeneration, inflammation, pain, the effects of trauma on tissue, and more recently, prostate cancer., Australia
    The bionanonetwork has been established to coordinate the research activities within the MacDiarmid Institute, forming a suitable communication environment for research personal involved in activities related to the application of physical science techniques to biological systems, including the areas of biotechnology and bio-nanomedical engineering. , New Zealand
    The Medical Devices and Diagnostics Portal and Product Marketplace, Canada
    Focused on the application of mechanical engineering knowledge, skills and principles, USA
    Penn U., USA
    The Bioengineering Society is a website dedicated to biology and engineering, providing exciting updated news on this topic. , UK
    BioInnovate Ireland is a forum which combines resources to catalyse and Lead Medical Innovation., Ireland
    Association of academic units and biotech companies enhancing cross-fertilization between industrial and academic research in the field of biotechnology, Belgium
    Centre for Biomedical Materials Applications & Technology, Singapore
    The European Biomaterials Network,
    From the UConn Health Center, USA
    From the Cambridge Healthtech Institute, USA
    International Page on Extracorporeal Technology,
    Industry-facing organisation to support the development of new clinical treatments and products based on biomaterials and tissue engineering, UK
    Founded in May 2008 in Ankara, Turkey. Aims to bring together all those interested in the biomaterials and tissue engineering products and the researchers involved in studies on design, development and commercial application of biomaterials and their cell carrying hybrid products. , Turkey
    To develop and raise the profile of biomaterials research in South Africa, by establishing an industry-academia-science council-clinical network that will stimulate collaboration in this rapidly growing field, ultimately turning biomaterials research into viable products and applications, and generating further research investment in the field., South Africa
    By the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials, UK
    By Massimo Battaglia, Italy
    Biomaterials resources, UK
    The surgical video library was created to bridge a difficult gap between classroom theory and clinical application, USA
    UWEB offers a series of short tutorials on key subjects and materials impacting biomaterials science and engineering, USA
    Information center for biomaterials, tissue engineering, biomedical applications and biocompatibility,
    By Cheryl R. Blanchard, USA
    Google directory, USA
    Slide presentation about Biomedical Engineering, in portuguese, Brazil
    From Yahoo,
    From IOP Publishing Limited, the Biomedical Engineering Portal is a new multimedia portal which brings together papers from ten of their leading journals, as well as multimedia content and articles from medicalphysicsweb. , UK
    From U. Virginia, USA
    From the Saint Louis University, Pius XII Memorial Library, USA
    Biomedical Implants contains information about prostheses, implants, as well as about the biomaterials they are made of. The main objective consists in improving the public knowledge about the present and new technologies and their consequences., Portugal
    Web Ring dedicated to the Biomedical and Biomaterials field,
    Biomimetics website of the JPL's NDEAA Technologies Lab, USA
    Dedicated to the new science that studies nature's models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to solve human problems, USA
    Competitive intelligence on medical devices, companies, and management, USA
    Online resources for a better environment,
    The internet portal uniting five dynamic biotech sites in South West Germany. Associating commerce, research and education., Germany
    Online bioresearch news.,
    From the International Society on Biotelemetry, Austria
    Global online portal that offers the latest news and events, researchers and companies, and emerging technologies within every subfield of biomedical engineering, USA
    The Biomedical Engineering Network, USA
    Shared web portal for the biomedical technology design community. It provides a guide to high-quality, basic information about clinical problems and biomedical technologies that address them, USA
    Scientific American Frontiers, from PBS, USA
    Destined to develop technologies that will translate into safe and effective clinical therapies, USA
    Information on types of implants used in hip and knee replacement, USA
    To promote communication between key tissue engineering disciplines (academic & industrial), to provide interactive databases of UK key tissue engineering activities, and to provide a national identity and information centre in tissue engineering, UK
    The aim of the British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy is to accelerate scientific progress and promote ethical and efficient transfer of gene- and cell-based technologies from the laboratory into the clinic. Gene and cell therapy is an area where co-operation between ALL the interested parties - general public, patients, scientists, government and the media - is vital for the optimal development of these technologies and treatments, and BSGCT is working towards becoming this pro-active interface. , UK
    The Brånemark Osseointegration Center (BOC) is the heart of an international rehabilitation organization, Sweden
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