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    From Medical Device Link,
    An initiative led by industry and set up together with the European Commission is addressing the application of nanotechnology to achieve breakthroughs in healthcare.,
    EuMaT European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies has been launched in order to assure optimal involvement of industry and other important stakeholders in the process of establishing of R&D priorities in the area of advanced engineering materials and technologies. ,
    International, interdisciplinary and independent science-based forum for all professionals interested in the art and science of osseointegration, UK
    EBTNA was created in 2007 on the basis of a European Network (1996) of colleagues from different European Universities which have presented various European projects on European Biotechnology development. EBTNA has significant numbers of members from over 35 different countries whilst extending its reputation every passing day. EBTNA also highlights the importance of biotechnology education by organising open and distance learning materials, and workshops demonstrating the importance of high quality training, education and collaborations in fostering innovation and future discoveries.,
    Encourage, fosters, promotes and develops research, progress and information concerning the science of Biomechanics. ,
    The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) is a leading organization committed to support scientists and clinicians involved with basic and translational research on gene transfer and clinical applications of gene and cell therapy.,
    The ETCS promotes "the application of tissue culture to problems of cell biology". Among other services the site provides a database on Tissue Culture Courses. ,
    The European Tissue Repair Society, a non-profit making organisation founded in 1988, aims to promote knowledge and interchange between scientists, healthcare professionals, industry and other individuals that have an interest in tissue repair of all organs. ,
    Resources and information on extracorporeal life support, USA
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