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    International page on extracorporeal technology, Brazil
    Plastics and your health, USA
    Founded in 1989., Poland
    Positive Futurist is an organic, growing resource center dedicated to people who take the future seriously. The goal of this website is to help those who take their future seriously to recognize and understand significant trends and where they may lead. This provides a framework for decision making. Todays technologists speak of the interaction of advances in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive sciences. Positive Futurist takes this one-step further by focusing on how these technologies play on each other to advance exponentially as the speed of change gains momentum. Positive Futurist presents an original science and technology piece every Tuesday right on our Homepage that we share with various print publications and on-line blog sites. Exciting topics include future events that promise to unfold during the twenty first century and beyond. ,
    From the German Science Foundation, Germany
    Educational effort about medical technology sponsored by AdvaMed, the Advanced Medical Technology Association, to improve understanding about the value of medical technology, USA
    An important and timely undertaking, this medical history project aims to preserve and present the people, ideas and devices instrumental in the innovation and realization of artificial organs., USA
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