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Connect with a wide audience is an organized and meaningful Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering communication resource for scientists, researchers, members of the business community, government, academia, and the general public. is widely recognized as the main website dedicated to this field. has been distinguished many times by several distinct printed and online resources, such as Science, BioMedNet and Medical Device Link. For further information please see other achievements and details about in the news in the About us section. sells newsletter and online advertising space, offering a range of advertising and sponsorship options that allow you to reach a wide but targeted audience of people interested in science, technology and health-related topics. The demographics of our readers allows you to reach several thousands of scientists around the world.

Meet our rates and select among the advertising opportunities below:

Newsletter sponsorship
Website advertising
Advertising packages

If you are interested to learn more about our audience and our advertising opportunities please contact us at

Advertising opportunities


Newsletter sponsorships

Biomaterials world news, articles, book reviews, endorsed meetings and other relevant information are published in the monthly Newsletter (10 issues per year). It is sent by email (text only version) to over 5500 registered members and then published online and stored as an HTML and PDF document. The newsletter is further distributed by several international societies. The newsletter sponsorship type includes email and full- or half-page ads on the online version of the newsletter.

Newsletter (10 issues)

Cost in € (% discount)

Email (text ad)

Online PDF (color ad)


Quarterly (15%)

Annually (25%)







Full page



1 125

Costs indicated do not include VAT at 23%.

Email blasts to members and mailing list rental does not send broadcast emails to its membership nor rents its mailing list in any circumstance.


Website advertising

Advertising using banner and tower ads is available on (all pages). According to Fig. 1, two ad sizes are available: 400x50 pixels for a top banner, and 200x100 for a right tower ad. Banners are operated on a random rotational basis. All banner and tower ads must be in *.GIF or *.JPG format. Animation is available for no additional fee and we accept most forms of rich media including flash. Positioning of ads is indicated in Fig. 1. The ad costs are the following:



Cost in € (% discount)


Quarterly (15%)

Annually (25%)


Banner (400x50)



2 250


Tower (200x100)



1 800

Costs indicated do not include VAT at 23%.




Figure 1 – Ads available on

Advertising Packages

Below are four recommended ad packages that we believe may benefit our advertisers. You can basically “own” for 1 month, 3 months or for a whole year. If none of these packages meets your needs, we’ll be happy to work with you to create a custom package.

Package in € (% discount)

Monthly cost (15%)

Quarterly cost (20%)

Annual cost (25%)

Newsletter Top (email + full page online)
Website Banner Top



3 600

Newsletter Top (email + full page online)
Website Tower Right



3 150

Costs indicated do not include VAT at 23%.

Reader demographics reaches an undetermined number of readers from the scientific as well as non scientific community, which is estimated at several thousands scientists, academics, students, physicians, industrialists, consultants, the general public, among others. It is also a highly targeted, high-quality readership, which has been consistently growing over time.

Members presently accounts for nearly 6000 members from over 100 countries, and over 1000 institutions. Pageviewers come from over 150 countries. has already endorsed more than 400 international meetings, mainly through the dissemination of information, besides advertising over 4000 jobs.

Main job areas

60% Academia               18% Industry                  6% Government                   4% Hospital
1% Publisher                  11% Others (including Research/R&D and Consultancy)

Online readers

Main Access Regions and Countries:

46.8% Europe (mostly from the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal)
27.2% North America (mostly from the United States - 26.2% of total pageviewers)
17.8% AustralaAsia (mostly from China, Australia, India, Singapore, and Japan)           
4.4% South America (mostly from Brazil)
3.8% Other Regions

Placement of on search engines

In terms of ease in finding on search engines, on Google – the most popular one -, is among the top 5 sites to appear when using the keyword “biomaterials”. The same applies to other popular search engines. Also according to Google, thousands of sites link to

Advertising policies

All pricing, terms, and conditions outlined in the contract apply, as do banner ad and advertising policies listed here. Online sponsorship payment terms will be noted on the signed contract. Payment should be made by VISA or bank transfer, and its terms are net 30 days from receipt of invoice with established credit. Penalty after 60 days is 1.5% per month. Before a banner ad can be posted or E-mail newsletter issued, must have a signed contract, including a billing address and telephone number.

Ads will be posted as noted on signed contract. All necessary material for banner ads and E-newsletter must be received from the client by the day 15th of the ad’s posting month. The contract and invoice will indicate the time period and/or number of impressions. All materials from advertisers will be posted online for the specified period and then removed from the server unless otherwise instructed in writing. Advertising schedule is subject to change. Invoices will be issued at the beginning of the posting period.

All advertising is subject to the Editor’s approval. The advertiser and/or its advertising agency agrees to indemnify and hold harmless and its employees and agents against any liability and costs, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in connection with any third-party claim arising out of the appearance of the ad. reserves the right to remove any ad which is inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or otherwise violates the rights of or third parties.

All rates are subject to change.

Submitting an ad for

Information for online advertising - including banner and tower ads, and E-newsletter sponsorships – should be submitted via email to

Contact Advertising

Technical questions concerning electronic files, formatting, and other online advertising issues should be directed to:

José Paulo Pereira, Editor
INEB – Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica
R. Campo Alegre, 823
4150-180 Porto, Portugal
Phone: + 351 226074982/00
Fax: +351 226094567

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