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Prizes, awards and distinctions attributed to
  • Selection for Current Web Contents renewed by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

  • First "Pearl of the Web" award, by "the most efficient site dedicated totally to biomaterials", and the "chief instrument for a timely look at the latest and most meaningful developments in biomaterials".

  • Selection for Current Web Contents, from the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

  • Page of the month -

Other distinctions:
  • "On the best way to become biomaterials researcher's favorite information system", by Angewandte Chemie Intl. Edn.

  • "For current information about biomaterials, the Biomaterials Network provides the most comprehensive collection of online resources". Where materials meet biology, HMS Beagle, BioMedNet.
  • "The bulk of the Biomaterials Network still consists of an extensive, well-organized collection of links...", and "The Biomaterials network also features current news and information in the field of biomaterials". Biomaterials - The technology of the future, CMBO Perspective, Cell & Molecular Biology Online.
  • " is a useful community site for the burgeoning field of biomaterials". Connecting with biomaterials, NetWatch, Science.
  • "The most useful biomaterials website". European Cells & Materials e-journal.

  • "Engineered skin, plastic joints, artificial organs, and the like are the focus of Biomaterials Network, a portal run by scientists". Making Body Parts (, Science.
  • New site links international biomaterials community. European Medical Device Manufacturer.
  • Revamped Biomaterials Site Offers Links, Articles, Information. Medical Device Link.

  • Web sites facilitate access to biomaterials data. Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry.
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