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book review
    K Park eds , Woodhead Publishing, 2014
    M Blankesteijn and R Altara eds , Academic Press, 2014
    K Honeychurch eds , Woodhead Publishing, 2014
    S Kumbar, CT Laurencin and M Deng eds , Elsevier Science, 2014
    AK Gaharwar, S Sant, MJ Hancock and SA Hacking eds , Woodhead Publishing, 2013
    EP Ivanova, K Bazaka, and RJ Crawford eds , Woodhead Publishing, 2013
    P Vallittu eds , Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013
    V Salih eds , Woodhead Publishing, 2013
    M Jaffe, W Hammond, P Tolias and T Arinzeh eds , Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2012
    D Farrar eds , Woodhead Publishing, 2011
    S Rimmer eds , Woodhead Publishing, 2011
    JA Helsen and Y Missirlis eds , Springer, 2010
    BD Ratner, AS Hoffman, FJ Schoen and JE Lemons eds , Elsevier Academic Press, 2004
    E Khor eds , Elsevier, 2001
    Y Bar-Cohen eds , SPIE Press, 2001
    LC Chow and ED Eanes eds , Karger, 2001
    DM Brunette, P Tengvall, M Textor and P Thomsen eds , Springer, 2001
    JE Davies eds , emsquared, 2000
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